About Me

I am an Internet and e-commerce industry veteran born and raised in the Silicon Valley.  I’ve been very fortunate to work for several groundbreaking companies including Excite.com (Excite@Home), eBay, Experian, Sega of America and Paramount Pictures. My skills are deepest across the marketing and strategic partnerships disciplines.  I’ve most recently expanded my skills in Internet/mobile product development and corporate development.

My passions lie in e-commerce and mobile.  I am known for my focus on the customer.  I’ve seen too many products and marketing initiatives being launched for the sake of hitting a roadmap goal or marketing objective. Unfortunately, the customer needs are frequently pushed to the background… which will eventually lead to business failure.  It’s all about meeting the needs of the customer in a way most convenient for them.

I am fascinated by how the Internet and mobile devices have instigated a revolution in how consumers manage financial transactions, manage their money, and engage with content directly relevant to their interests.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy adventure travel, creative writing, home improvement and theater arts. I am an active member of the Los Gatos Education Foundation (LGEF), CERT team in my local area and a member (currently inactive) of the Screen Actors Guild.

Continue the conversation by connecting with me on  Twitter (@ericdunstan) or send me an email by using the form below.


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